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Hello Everyone!

For those of you who could not make it to the Kansas City Art Institute’s 125th Anniversary Gala, here is the video of the performance featuring Nick Cave’s Soundsuits.  The choreography was a collaborative effort and I can be seen dancing in the opening number and the close (look for the green wig).

I’ve attached (or attempted to) some photographs of the event taken by Forester Michael,

Also, I finally have a full length DVD of The Little People.  For anyone interested in owning a copy, please contact me directly.  There should also be some photos of the piece taken by Mike Strong,, at the Modern Night at the Folly.

 That’s all for now.  Until we meet again, take care and be well,


 Maura Michelle Garcia
Artistic Director
Phone: 919-951-9758

“Every interaction with a living being is an opportunity to positively affect the world.”

Photo Credit: Mike Strong,

Modern Night at the Folly

Photo Credit: Mike Strong,

Photo Credit: Forester Michael,


Welcome to Asteroid Head Land . . .

Asteroid Head is an Art Club that has been involved in many things in the Lawrence community including the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, hosting a summer camp, Student Print Night at the Spencer Museum, and a Mass Street Fight Launch. This Friday is our first gallery installation at the Lawrence Arts Center. We will have Survival Kits with bat repellant  for sale at the opening – Friday, February 12th 7-9pm. Come visit Lawrence for the evening!

– Christa

Maura M. Garcia news – Nick Cave Soundsuits and Reviews

Hello all!

I am wishing you warm, snow-free thoughts and hoping that your year is still off to a good start. Things are running along smoothly here. I just finished an excellent show at the lovely Folly Theater. Scott Easterday from the KC Metropolis reviewed the show and in his article “Reclaiming the Body”, had the following to say about The Little People (the entire article can be found at

“The Reckoning was an excerpt from The Little People by Maura Michelle Garcia. An abstract painting by Soumitra Dasgupta was projected on a screen as a backdrop. Garcia’s costume imitated the painting and she did not stray outside the projected painting so she blended with the backdrop, which was the full height of the stage. This gave the piece a great vertical range, which opened up the movement. The program notes said the piece was about Cherokee fairies called Yvwi Tsvsdi and was conceived with retaining native Cherokee traditions in mind. Garcia patted her hands against her body and there were elements of swing in her movements. This piece also played heavily on drawing attention to the body. There was a repeated figure in which she would fold herself over and figuratively wring her hands in anxiety and then move to a standing position with her arms springing open.”

ACT III is still in progress and I am constantly inspired by the powerful group of women that I am working with. For those of you who do not know, ACT III is a piece about the stigma attached to rape survivors. Currently I am setting ACT III on a group of women from the community, including some survivors. I will have more details about an April performance in the near future.

Coming up next is a unique performance. I will be dancing in one of Nick Cave’s famed Soundsuits for the 125th Anniversary Gala of the Kansas City Art Institute. See below for more details.

Thank you to all of you who continue to support my work. I look forward to meeting again soon,

Until then, take care and be well,


Maura Michelle Garcia
Artistic Director
Phone: 919-951-9758

“Every interaction with a living being is an opportunity to positively affect the world.”

125th Anniversary Gala

Be part of history as KCAI celebrates its 125 years of educating student artists on Feb. 20, 2010.

The black-tie-optional event will feature an unforgettable performance by internationally acclaimed artist and KCAI alumnus Nick Cave. Barbara Hall Marshall will serve as the evening’s honorary chair.

6:30 to 11:30 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 20, 2010

Grand Ballroom, Kansas City Convention Center

Tickets: $150 and up; young guests (35 and under) $125

There are many sponsorship and table hosting opportunities available. Learn more.

“Whether Nick Cave’s efforts qualify as fashion, body art or sculpture, and almost regardless of what you ultimately think of them, they fall squarely under the heading of Must Be Seen to Be Believed.”
— Roberta Smith, The New York Times
Nick Cave (’82 fiber), who received a $50,000 United States Artists grant in 2006, creates fantastic, almost ritualistic costumes for performance and exhibition as sculpture. His Soundsuits, which rustle, swish, whoosh or crackle as they move, are in many private and museum collections. A professor in the fiber department at the school of the Art Institute of Chicago, Cave said, “What I learned at KCAI was the importance of being able to allow yourself to explore the possibilities and to know that if I were to fall, I would still have the support of my professors. They challenged me, which allowed me to build trust in myself and to have a point of view — to have the confidence and the belief that I could turn this into a serious career.”

Group exhibition in Denver Colorado

If you’re in Denver during the month of February check out this radical group show.  The openings late night showcase will be featuring live music, video installations, and living sculptures.