Hello Everyone!

For those of you who could not make it to the Kansas City Art Institute’s 125th Anniversary Gala, here is the video of the performance featuring Nick Cave’s Soundsuits.  The choreography was a collaborative effort and I can be seen dancing in the opening number and the close (look for the green wig).

I’ve attached (or attempted to) some photographs of the event taken by Forester Michael,

Also, I finally have a full length DVD of The Little People.  For anyone interested in owning a copy, please contact me directly.  There should also be some photos of the piece taken by Mike Strong,, at the Modern Night at the Folly.

 That’s all for now.  Until we meet again, take care and be well,


 Maura Michelle Garcia
Artistic Director
Phone: 919-951-9758

“Every interaction with a living being is an opportunity to positively affect the world.”

Photo Credit: Mike Strong,

Modern Night at the Folly

Photo Credit: Mike Strong,

Photo Credit: Forester Michael,



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