Prepping for a Workshop

Im sitting at the Filling Station on Gilham, not far from where I live. My goal today was to bust out some of the materials for my upcoming workshop. So far so good, so to speak, with a very un-finished linoleum print in front of me. This is what’s on my plate right now:

Saturday and Sunday, the 9th and 10th of October, my print shop Inkubator Press is hosting 2 artists from Homeboy Industries. They’re out of LA and coming to KC for a big show opening soon at Rockhurst University. We were asked to possibly print some editions so we’re going to spend 2 or three days making some posters which will be sold to benefit Homeboy Industries. If you haven’t heard of them, it’s an organization that helps gang members transitional to life as upstanding citizens. We’re happy at Ink Press to have them both coming in and you(the public) are invited to stop in to see our studio, meet the artists and see us at work. It should be a jam packed exciting weekend of making art!
Check out their site at Homeboy Industries.
The press, in case you’re curious, is HERE.

After all this I’m running a workshop on Tuesday night in cooperation with Hello Art called Constructing Images. It’s a bit much to go into, but you could expect discussion, history, an actually making art. It’s going to be fun. Sign up HERE.
I’ll save the rest for another post but things with me are full speed ahead.

And it’s gorgeous outside!



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