Co-Workers, Bosses & Supervisors: a design show

Art Opening: The Office presents, Co-workers, Bosses & Supervisors: A Design Show

A curated design show themed around individuals that artist Sean M. Starowitz has worked professionally over the past 5 years. Starowitz has supported himself through a variety of jobs, from working at a woodshop, house painting crews, and fabrication for an architecture firm. For Co-workers, Bosses & Supervisors, Starowitz seeks to tie a common thread between the individuals he has worked with or for through the avenues of design. Featuring work and designs by John Anderson, Eric Cloud, Kurt Flecksing, Theresa Joy Hitchcock, Matthew Hufft/Hufft Projects, John Jackson, Chris Ray, Mason Sisco, Clay Vogel, and Jon Wilson.

The Office, 5th Floor, City Center Square.  1100 Main St. Kansas City MO. 64105

Opening Reception is October 15th, 6-8 Pm. By appointment after that.

Contact: Sean M. Starowitz, Director, Curator, artist in residence, The Office. or


*The Office is a site-specific alternative studio space in City Center Square. This project/space is in conjunction with a one-year studio residency with the Urban Culture Project in Kansas City, MO. The Office facilitates: studio space, lectures, shows, free publications, presentations, meetings, discussions, talks, performances, screenings, and dress codes…




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