Sike Style art show in Warrensburg.

This last weekend was the closing reception for my show Where it’s At.
It hung in the small student gallery on the campus of the University of Central Missouri.

This show is about bringing some “urban mythos” to the campus through my street art inspired pieces. The title of the show has two pop culture references. The first is the saying: “It ain’t where you’re from it’s where you’re at” and more directly from the Beck song Where it’s At

The central influence for my art are my experiences growing up as a young kid in Brooklyn. Those times are long gone I’ve owned up to the fact that after living in Missouri for 20+ years, you can still claim Brooklyn as home but can’t deny that Missouri is…”Where it’s At.” Kansas City is where I live and make my art so I this show I debuted the Missouri canvas boards with two different designs. One spray painted and the other with a wheat pasted collage.

Missouri Painting

Missouri Collage
You can get a sense of the rest of the exhibit through this slide show. I will be showing some of the pieces from this show in KC this year sometime so stay tuned.



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