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This year Open Studios will have kid friendly opportunities! Come see Calder Kamin’s Love Seat at pARTnership Place

The Love Seat is an interactive furry chair that features hybrid ceramic puppy bellies and audio of pet owners speaking sweet sentiments to their dogs. UCP Open Studio visitors, of all ages, are welcome to participate, and consider the very human ways we interact with animals.

In addition to The Love Seat there will be two other Love Seat listening stations.(Basically CD players and headphones with puppy ears!) I will also have several new sculptures in progress on display, and lots of ceramic gifts for sale!

Bird Ornaments by Calder $15 each
To see more of my work visit
Hope to see you there!

Vote for Kate Clements’ Holiday Window on Main

I’m participating in the Holiday Windows on Main. This is an event that has local artist design a holiday display in shop windows between 12th and 14th street. It’s a competition that has a $5000 grand prize, which the artist splits with the charity of their choice.

My display will be located at the fabulous boutique Lovebird and the charity I selected was Rose Brook’s. Now a lot of this is up to the public’s vote. So please come down and support me this Friday at the unveiling of my window!

For those of you who can’t make it can still help. Go online and vote for me at online voting starts at 6pm this Friday!

Please come downtown this Friday because I’d love to see you all!!!


Work @ Blue Gallery

Part of my “Escapist Menagerie” series will be on view at the Blue Gallery (KCMO) through the month of November. These works on paper were completed in 2009 in Rome, Italy during a study abroad. Stop by and check it out!

Elizabeth Allen-Cannon


An artist studio can take many forms, a dining room, an office, four white walls, a nook in a basement. Whatever the architecture, there is an inevitable response to the working space. In the pArtnership place studios there is a view that infiltrates many of the studios. This view is the result of being 13 floors up on the edge of Kansas City’s down town. The north facing windows offer a view of the plains that become our infinite horizon; they conjure references of the oceans flatness, with a clear path of sunset, and the lights of a port harbor at night with the darkness beyond. As a reminder of our reality we have pigeons not seagulls.





this delicious urban culture project.

I moved to Kansas City about two months ago to participate in this tasty residency. It was an exciting move and a crazy one-made within a couple of weeks! While it was certainly a completely unexpected and unpredictable move, I feel I couldn’t have made a better decision. This particular landing has been incredibly smooth and nearly everyone I have met has been welcoming, enthusiastic, curious and excited about art. That excitement and support is, in my opinion, Kansas City’s finest quality and what has likely been the biggest catalyst for the incredible network of artists and art organizations in KC.
Thus far, I’ve had a chance to get to know Charlene, the ever-excited and receptive collage artist who also happens to be the best studio neighbor a gal could ask for. There’s the living breathing art history reference, Anthony Baab whose studio is just down the hall from mine…any question, he’s got an answer! He also listens to Dire Straits…which is amazing.
I’ve had a chance to collaborate with Justin Hundley, a modern dancer. Very fun and sometimes seemingly absurd experiments in movement and the different forms “performances” can take on have been thoroughly enjoyed!
There’s Paul Smith over in Partnership Place whose “life is art”…refreshing and inspiring!
I’m certainly excited to see this year unfold with excited artists from such varied backgrounds…all working simultaneously through this delicious Urban Culture Project!!
Cheers and happy early Thanksgiving!
xochitl r.

though you can’t quite tell, anthony baab and charlene are actually having a fun conversation…and neither of them are as creepy as they look.


baab hillebrand

baab hillebrand