Gamelan Genta Kasturi prepares for Dec Open Studios

Gamelan Genta Kasturi has been hard at work training our 5 new members in Balinese Gamelan and simultaneously keeping our body of repertoire freshly rehearsed.  Since our very successful run of Angels and Demons at Play for ArtSounds and UCP/La Esquina,  we moved into City Center Square (end of May) and have been focused on rehearsing our stock Balinese repertoire including:

3 Welcoming Dances: Pendet, Puspanjali and Sekar Taman

3 Character Dances: Cendrawasih, Margapati and Legong Keraton

1 Bawdy Social Dance:  Joged

3 Instrumental compositions:  Siwah Nata, Catur Rawa and Gilak Walipraja


We will present some of these works, hopefully with dance, between 11am and 12:30pm on Saturday Dec 10 at City Center Square as part of Charlotte Street Foundation/Urban Culture Projects’ Open Studios.  Additionally we will provide a hands-on-workshop for any interested attendees.

For more info our visit Facebook group Gamelan Genta Kasturi

Patrick Alonzo Conway – director, Gamelan Genta Kasturi


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