this delicious urban culture project.

I moved to Kansas City about two months ago to participate in this tasty residency. It was an exciting move and a crazy one-made within a couple of weeks! While it was certainly a completely unexpected and unpredictable move, I feel I couldn’t have made a better decision. This particular landing has been incredibly smooth and nearly everyone I have met has been welcoming, enthusiastic, curious and excited about art. That excitement and support is, in my opinion, Kansas City’s finest quality and what has likely been the biggest catalyst for the incredible network of artists and art organizations in KC.
Thus far, I’ve had a chance to get to know Charlene, the ever-excited and receptive collage artist who also happens to be the best studio neighbor a gal could ask for. There’s the living breathing art history reference, Anthony Baab whose studio is just down the hall from mine…any question, he’s got an answer! He also listens to Dire Straits…which is amazing.
I’ve had a chance to collaborate with Justin Hundley, a modern dancer. Very fun and sometimes seemingly absurd experiments in movement and the different forms “performances” can take on have been thoroughly enjoyed!
There’s Paul Smith over in Partnership Place whose “life is art”…refreshing and inspiring!
I’m certainly excited to see this year unfold with excited artists from such varied backgrounds…all working simultaneously through this delicious Urban Culture Project!!
Cheers and happy early Thanksgiving!
xochitl r.

though you can’t quite tell, anthony baab and charlene are actually having a fun conversation…and neither of them are as creepy as they look.


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