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A collaborative performance installation between Justin Hundley and myself. We invite you all to join us on Saturday at 12:30 in the City Center Square building as we hold an open rehearsal and share our working performance installation with you.

Charlotte Street Foundation Resident Artist: Xochitl Rodriguez from Charlotte Street Foundation on Vimeo.

for a sneak peak, visit:





My name is Peter Granados and I make paintings and drawings. I believe there are few better ways to experience one’s work than to visit their studio, see the work in progress, and talk to the artist personally about their work. If you agree with me, and are available tomorrow night, you’re in luck. Come to Partnership Place at 908 grand st. for the Urban Culture Project Open Studio event. On display will be nine of my paintings and too many drawings to count. I will see you there.

(These little paintings were made earlier on this year. My current work is very influenced by these  paintings. )

If you can’t make it tomorrow, I have a website:



The Smith Project debuts: new dance co. and new pieces!

The 5th floor of City Center Square is a hustling-and-a-bustling with artists getting ready to present works this weekend!

The dancers and choreographers are eager to present new works in the Performance Studio Space tomorrow night at 7:30pm. Today’s rehearsal before the company’s and new work debut was electric with energy and anticipation. Join The Smith Project for a brief thirty minute peek of what’s to come in 2012!

Here is a duet from choreographers/dancers Marisa MacKay and Stephen Plante to get you in the mood for tomorrow evening:

Details About UCP Open Studios Weekend

Follow this link for all details, maps and artist activities.

Scheduled list of events follows:

New Installation by Jeff Tackett

Jeff Tackett 

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Friday, December 9th

Saturday, December 10th

New Studio location: City Center Square 

Nothing Fancy

Hello world, Andrew Erdrich here. At the upcoming biannual open studio days, for the 2011 Charlotte Street Foundation Urban Culture Project Residents, I will be showcasing some new drawings of food, some nifty fridge magnets, and pushing BREAD! KC propaganda as well as some Sneaky Creeps sneak peaks of new music and videos. My studio is located in the City Center Square with lots of other great artists who would love to see you as well. So stop on by, grab a beer, borrow a book, buy something, and admire the lovely decor!

Masked Perverts Issue Demands


Paul Anthony Smith studio will ferature multiple paintings

Over the past year I’ve began  the ultimate endeavor of painting. The paintings that I create are derived from photographic references of black people; many of which are family based.

My studio is located at pARTnership Place, 906 Grand Blvd (13th Floor) Downtown, Kansas City

 Proud, 2011 , Acrylic  on Canvas

Christina Dostaler’s studio will feature recent works and new works in progress.

Oh the possibilites that come with paint…splashing, dipping, weaving, and even quilting! I can’t wait to share my studio with all of you next week! Come see what I’ve been creating.

My studio is located in City Center Square.

A sneak peak at some works in progress...

Christina Dostaler