New Exhibition space in the West Bottoms

On Friday March 16th a new exhibition space will open in the west bottoms called 1522 Saint Louis. the first exhibition will be a by current Studio Resident Katie Ford. The following is a bit more about Katie’s project and the space.

-E.L Hanson

Naamah, Ulignous, Laborer
first: Katie Ford
Opening reception: Friday, March 16, 6 – 10 pm Address: 1522 St Louis, Kansas City, MO 64102 Exhibition runs: March 16th – April 15th Gallery hours: Friday March 16th, 6- 10 pm and by appointment: please contact us at
Kansas City, MO – 1522 Saint Louis, a new exhibition space conceived by artists Mike Erickson, Justin Gainan and Erika Lynne Hanson will present its first exhibition Naamah, Ulignous, Laborer: Katie Ford. The curatorial theme of the exhibition was generated randomly, as a starting point for conversation to evolve a structure around, allowing space for the unexpected.
In response to the theme of Naamah, Uliginous, Laborer, Katie Ford has drawn from failed utopian experiments and the creation of controlled environments. She approaches this juncture of biomim- icry and intentional landscapes in an installation of unassuming materials—cardboard, wood, plastic, fabric, dirt—that combine to create a space ambiguously between building up and breaking down.

Katie Ford makes objects and images that dig into the relationships built around the places we inhabit. Interested in locations that gain significance through unexpected moments, she gleans information from repeating patterns, social histories, interpersonal arcs, and structures found and built. She processes these landscapes with the filter of selective memory and personal impact. The result is a collection of patterns and structures scalloped tiles, striated rock, illogical mountains, and moveable homes.
Using print, drawing, fabric, and contextual spaces, Ford create- installations, printed objects, and works on paper. Whether in objects or images, this work addresses human exchange with and within the spaces we share. Ford’s pieces aim for the effect of uncertain familiarity, that place on the tip of your tongue. The components fit together but in a way that is jostled. With apparent layers of materials and forms, she leaves evident this shifting perspective. Her work reconfigures the urban, geological, and domestic to wonder about the significance we embed in the landscapes around us.

1522 Saint Louis is a project exhibition space. Created by Artists Mike Erickson, Justin Gainan, & Erika Lynne Hanson in 2012, 1522 is an experimental endeavor exploring organic curating. The model is that of the studio practice where one action, be it a random or well researched decision, informs the next. Our questions of content, aesthetics, research, and relevance of such a space are open for discussion. Where is the critical dialogue in our community? How can like-minded spaces and individuals come together come together for conversation about contemporary art, design, & craft? The aim of the space is to be voice in the fertile Kansas City community, engaging the local, national, and international dialogue.


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