Call to Writers for The Frontier Exhibition

Call to Writers.

As a part of Charlotte Street’s The Frontier exhibition, Curator Molly Kaderka will be creating a book of poetry and short essays inspired by Kansas City and the Midwest. This book will be on exhibit during phase 2 of The Frontier, Opening May 18th.

Submissions are due April 20th and can be sent to
The poetry and essays should be no longer than 600 Words.

These books will then become a part of Charlotte Street’s collection and archives.
All participating writers will be given a manuscript copy of the book.

While a wide variety of work will be considered, the curator has a special interest in pieces that expand on, elaborate, or draw inspiration from the theme that is guiding selection of visual works. That theme is summarized below:

The Midwest, Kansas City in particular, was the historic birthplace of regionalist painting. Famous painters like Thomas Hart Benton and John Steuart Curry, throughout their lifetimes, painted images of everyday Midwestern life to use as a platform for expressing social and political issues of the time. While the visual style of, and even the term, regionalist painting has changed and died out, many artists in the Kansas City area are still looking to their immediate surroundings to draw inspiration and offer cultural critique. The works curated by Molly Kaderka feature strong reactions to urban development and the homogenization of suburban architecture.

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