Resident Calder Kamin’s New Work the Synanthrope Station and Impact Proof

I am interested in synanthropes- animals that thrive due to mankind’s impact on biodiversity. Urbanization has been detrimental to many species, but it has also accelerated adaptations and successful symbiosis in some animals living amongst humans. I celebrate the creative effects of our influence on nature in addition to concerning ourselves with the negative.


Synanthrope Stations are sculptural installations equipped to accommodate the seasonal needs of urban dwelling birds. Trash infused bird nests are a common sight in cities and suburban areas, and some researches say that birds benefit from the longevity of synthetic over natural. I will process and organize various man-made materials, taken from litter, and weave it through sculptural steel and ceramic supply stations for birds. By removing waste from a site and transforming it for animal use, I am hoping to initiate other ways of looking at waste and our responsibility to nature.



I will exhibit the Synanthrope Station and the results of the project at the Urban Culture Project Open Studios May 18 and 19, the Trap Gallery May 18, and Co-Lab in Austin, June 2-9.

Impact proof will prevent urban bird deaths caused from collisions with high-rise windows. During the day, we may see clearly inside, but what birds see is a reflection of endless sky. I recently attempted to save a kestrel after she hit translucent plexi glass at a downtown bus stop. Although the kestrel did not survive the trauma, I was inspired find creative ways to prevent other birds from flying into windows and educate others about my experience. One solution is my project Impact Proof, vinyl decals in the shape of birds that will be applied to windows around downtown, including Window Unit, a new apartment gallery near pARTnerships studios, and where I first discovered the kestrel. On Saturday May 19, from 11-11:30 Sharon Goff, President of Friends of the Lakeside Nature Center, will visit my studio in pARTnership place to share a family friendly presentation on what to do if you find animals in your back yard and specimens of other birds of prey. I have also created a porcelain replica of the injured kestrel that will be available for purchase through a silent auction with 50% of the proceeds gifted to the Nature Center.

See more of my work on or here.


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