The Speakeasy Welcomes Visiting Artists to KC for Exhibition and Studio Visits

The Speakeasy, at la Esquina April 6- May 13, curated by current resident Andrew Erdrich and former resident Sean Starowitz, welcomes artists and chefs alike to Kansas City for food, discussion, and discourse.

Visiting artists were also invited to visit residents’ studios.

Eric May, an artist from Chicago, was in town for The Speakeasy t at la Esquina  and visited the studios of Erika Hanson, Calder Kamin and Xochitl Rodriguez on Friday morning. Eric is a Chicago based artist, gal­lerist, and chef. He runs Roots and Culture, a Chicago based art/cultural space, and cooks for Ox-Bow Artist Residency Program.


Coming up:

Wes Janz, artist/architect/educator/activist, will be conducting studio visits this Thursday while in KC for The Speakeasy.  Among vast accomplishments, Janz is the first architect in the U.S to pull a permit for building the first permanent structure completely out of shipping pallets. Check out his website and fantastic projects here:


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