Kacico Dance joins the Urban Culture Residents!

Kacico Dance, Kansas City Contemporary Dance Company, is so excited to join the other Urban Culture Residents downtown in the new rehearsal and performance space! My name is Leigh Murray, and this is my third season dancing with the company. Kacico is ac non-profit professional Modern dance company based out of Kansas City, and is currently under the Artistic Direction of Allison McKinzie, Holly Harmison, and Maggie Osgood Nicholls. I will post all kinds of photos and videos about our experience in the new space, as well as information about our upcoming events.

We have laid the marley and danced on it for the first time yesterday. We are working on a show that has been in rehearsals for a while, but it seems that somehow all of our dances look better in front of the beautiful Kansas City skyline out the window. It is a very cool atmosphere to be a part of, having working visual artists surrounding us, and I hope that the amazing creative energy will really elevate the upcoming Kacico season to a new level.

Here are some photos of our first days in the downtown rehearsal space:

Before we laid the marley down

Celebrating our first day in the studio!

Laying and taping the floor

I will also post some performance pictures for those readers that are not familiar with Kacico Dance! For information about upcoming performances or community appearances, visit http://www.kacicodance.org


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