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Gamelan Genta Kasturi In-Studio Performance/Demo/Hands-On-Workshop Dec 15

Town Pavilion Studio Residents Gamelan Genta Kasturi will host an In-Studio Performance/Demo/Hands-On-Workshop on Saturday December 15 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.  This event is FREE and open to the public.  All Studio Residents are cordially invited to attend also.

The group has been working on a composition entitled Kebyar Ding  composed by I  Wayan Regog in 1928 in northern Bali.  This period of music making heralded the movement of gamelan orchestras out of the princely courts and into the wider community.  When Bali was finally colonized by the Dutch in 1906 this action destroyed control of the island by various Majapahit Courts and set the stage for a new and creative musical period.  A modern gamelan set, Gong Kebyar, was created with an attendant compositional style that featured erratic and flashy episodes of ensemble virtuosity.  This stylistic trend has continued to be influential to this day in contemporary Balinese music.  Kebyar Ding is purported to be the first piece of music written in this style.

Along with a few other Balinese compositions we will also play a couple of pieces written by ensemble director Patrick Alonzo Conway that were a part of the collaborative work  Angels & Demons at Play.  The ensemble members will also present a thorough demonstration of principles of organization of the Gamelan Orchestra in instrumentation and composition.

A Hands-On-Workshop for interested attendees will close the proceedings.