Gamelan Genta Kasturi Free Performance for Charlotte Street Open Studios Weekend

As part of the Charlotte Street Open Studios Weekend, a performance/workshop will be given at 12:30pm on Saturday March 9 by Studio Residents Gamelan Genta Kasturi, Kansas City’s community Balinese Semaradana gamelan orchestra.

The group will perform traditional and modern Balinese Gamelan music including: Kebyar Ding – a seminal transitional composition from post-colonial Bali; Catur Rawita – a four tone work written for the ensemble by our teacher I Ketút Gedé Asnawa; and original compositions by ensemble director Patrick Alonzo Conway: Blossoming Dance, a Kreasi Baru Beleganjur and Angels & Demons at Play – a re-composition of a Sun Ra composition. Audience members are invited to play the instruments after the performance; a hands-on-workshop will be available for those interested.

The event will be held in the Black Box Theater on the 6th Floor of Town Pavilion, 1120 Walnut in downtown KCMO; please enter on the Walnut side of the building.






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