Studio Mentors


Tom Gregg, Artist
Jill Downen, Artist and assistant Professor of Sculpture at KCAI
Julia Cole, Artist and Rocket Grant Coordinator
Sean Kelly, Curator
Paul Rudy
Stephanie Roberts
Robert Bingaman, Artist
Laura Berman, Artist and Professor in Printmaking at KCAI
Scott Gobber, Artist
Ricky Allman, Artist
Jessica Manco
Joseph Keehn
Melissa Lenos
Catherine Futter, Nelson Atkins Curator of Decorative Arts
Logan Pachiarz and Rachel Coats
Judith Levy, Artist
James Woodfill, Artist and Professor in Painting at KCAI
Anne Pearce, Artist and Curator for the Greenlease Gallery at Rockhurst
Matt Dehaemers, Artist
Megan Mantia, Artist
Don Adams
 Ari Fish, Artist
Heidi Van
Logan Pachiarz and Rachel Coats
Amy Kligman, Artist and Curator at Plug Projects
Anthony Baab, Artist
Jane Gotch, Dancer
Lee Piechocki, Artist
Chris Ercums, Curator of Asian Art at the Spencer Museum of Art

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