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League of Makers Event: It’s a Gem

After receiving a $100 Best Venue Award from the Charlotte Street Foundation for their open studio event in May of 2012, Artists:  Nihan Yesil, Angelica Sandoval, Charlene Hillibrand, Jeni Mc, Xochitl Rodriguez, Hunter Long, & Tom Kessler developed this trans-disciplinary art event.

The residents created a surreal and well attended event despite the massive rain storm.


Witness the Genesis of my Kickstarter!! THE INSTALLATION OF CELESTIAL BODIES

Witness the Genesis of my Kickstarter!!


A Kickstarter Project by Angelica Sandoval for the installation of Celestial Bodies.

Celestial Bodies: An installation that will question the very nature of aesthetics; defining beauty, ugliness, and the space that lies in between.

19 DAYS LEFT!!!!

Residents Visit Each Other’s Studios

Before the May open studios weekend several residents got together with co-director, Kate Hackman, to see what other residents were up to before the busy weekend.

Molly Kaderka and Jaclyn Senne used a spare room at Town Pavilion to curate a show of resident’s work.

KCUR KC Currents Story on Blackhouse/GGK collaboration for May 18

Nice piece on KCUR’s KC Currents about this upcoming project.  Big Thanks to Alex Smith.Image

Jeff Tackett

Jeff Tackett, Worn by the Weather

 For I smell of the earth and am worn by the weather.

CITY CENTER SQUARE / 1100 Main, 5 floor, KCMO
May 18th, 5:30-9:00pm
May 19th, 11:00-3:00pm

Dennis Helsel’s Abstract Culture Jam

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Click Dennis Helsel to connect to the Abstract Society. Bring your optical taste buds, there’s plenty of visual spice to go around!
Open Studios: May 18th & 19th City Center Square

Charlene Hillebrand Solo Show at Old Souls Tattoo

The Speakeasy

Hello all! Sean Starowitz (a former UCP City Center Square resident) & I (Andrew Erdrich, a current UCP City Center Square Resident) are getting ready to kickoff our month+ long exhibit at La Esquina, April 7 at 6pm! The exhibit is called The Speakeasy & we would love to see your smiling faces there! Sean & I have curated the Speakeasy to be an exhibition that presents dialogue driven art practice through an evolving cultural corridor (a la La Esquina Gallery) following themes of mobility, art & labor, & cultural activism.

Proposal from Tori Abernathy

Proposal from Tori Abernathy

It isn’t a static exhibition of semi-permanently installed works, but a series of organized events where we provide the context & our gallery visitors, artists, contributors, & collaborators provide the content. Some of  our scheduled events include a Food Swap, a Reading Brouhaha, a concert series, a deli, & a dialogue based Exchange series. The Speakeasy is a place and moment for experimenting with and challenging how we understand the economic and social forms that art, our work, and our place take on in order to observe how & if these experiments affect our relationships. To close I’ll borrow from Social Practice artist Gregory Sholette, from his book Dark Matter, who offers a clear interpretation of the character of this form of art practice,“Here ‘politics’ must be understood as the imaginative exploration of ideas, the pleasure of communication, the exchange of education, and the construction of fantasy, all within a radically defined social-artist practice.”

-Andrew William Erdrich

New Installation by Jeff Tackett

Jeff Tackett 

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Friday, December 9th

Saturday, December 10th

New Studio location: City Center Square 

Nothing Fancy

Hello world, Andrew Erdrich here. At the upcoming biannual open studio days, for the 2011 Charlotte Street Foundation Urban Culture Project Residents, I will be showcasing some new drawings of food, some nifty fridge magnets, and pushing BREAD! KC propaganda as well as some Sneaky Creeps sneak peaks of new music and videos. My studio is located in the City Center Square with lots of other great artists who would love to see you as well. So stop on by, grab a beer, borrow a book, buy something, and admire the lovely decor!