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TVOne Jakarta films/interviews Gamelan Genta Kasturi

We were honored to have a crew from TVOne – Jakarta, Indonesia come to our rehearsal on March 16 and film us performing Angels & Demons at Play, Catur Rawita and Kebyar Ding.  They then interviewed ensemble director Patrick Alonzo Conway and ensemble member Berend Niehorster-Cook.

Reporter Dindi Tartika and cameraman Agung were accompanied by Lauren Jackman representing the State Department.  The crew is in the US working on a feature piece on corruption and have visited Washington DC, Kansas City and were preparing to move on to Chicago.  An additional feature on the influence of Indonesian culture in the US is also on their to-do list, thus their work with Gamelan Genta Kasturi.   Also in attendance was Marti Wilson with the Indonesian Association of Greater Kansas City and her son Bayu.

We all had a great time and really appreciated them visiting us and documenting what we are doing thanks to Charlotte Street Foundation and the Urban Culture Project Studio Residency Program.


Studio Visit Thank You Shout Out!

The UCP residents would like to thank Plug Projects and sculptor, Bobby Zokaites, for visiting our studios this fall!

Plug Projects was invited to curate the first group exhibition in a series of resident focused programing at the Paragraph Gallery. Plug stopped by for a whirlwind tour of all the UCP studios in preparation for the show. The curating team was inspired by the amount of experimentation happening in the studios for the exhibition’s theme. Observation/Hypothesis/Experiment opens tomorrow night from 6-9pm and runs through February 1. Read the full press release here.

Bobby Zokaites was in Kansas City in mid-November for Art Sounds, a collaboration between CSF, UMKC,  and the Kansas City Art Institute. Bobby currently works at the gallery and exhibition space at Arizona State University, where his is pursuing his masters. The studio residents he visited with appreciated an outsider’s perspective on their projects and his insight into public art.


Urban Culture Project Introduces Monthly Monday Meetings

Urban Culture Project residents will be responsible for attending monthly meetings this year. Last Monday was the inaugural gathering.
Every meeting will begin with resident presentations. Returning residents Molly Kaderka, Hunter Long and Calder Kamin were the first group of artist talks. For some residents, these meetings will be their first time speaking about their work in front of an audience.  There was time for questions and discussion.
Coming together once a month to discuss issues and inspiration in the studio will hopefully spark stronger relationships amongst the residents. Calder would like to thank vistors Theresa Bembnister and Emma Kisiel for attending!

Residents Visit Each Other’s Studios

Before the May open studios weekend several residents got together with co-director, Kate Hackman, to see what other residents were up to before the busy weekend.

Molly Kaderka and Jaclyn Senne used a spare room at Town Pavilion to curate a show of resident’s work.

Studio Visitors Shout Out!

Special shout out to Jonah Criswell, Jessie Fisher, Eric May, Rain Harris and Paul Donnelly!  Thanks for your wonderful and insightful studio visits.  From Molly Kaderka, Elizabeth Allen-Cannon, Calder Kamin and Charlene Hillebrand.

The Speakeasy Welcomes Visiting Artists to KC for Exhibition and Studio Visits

The Speakeasy, at la Esquina April 6- May 13, curated by current resident Andrew Erdrich and former resident Sean Starowitz, welcomes artists and chefs alike to Kansas City for food, discussion, and discourse.

Visiting artists were also invited to visit residents’ studios.

Eric May, an artist from Chicago, was in town for The Speakeasy t at la Esquina  and visited the studios of Erika Hanson, Calder Kamin and Xochitl Rodriguez on Friday morning. Eric is a Chicago based artist, gal­lerist, and chef. He runs Roots and Culture, a Chicago based art/cultural space, and cooks for Ox-Bow Artist Residency Program.


Coming up:

Wes Janz, artist/architect/educator/activist, will be conducting studio visits this Thursday while in KC for The Speakeasy.  Among vast accomplishments, Janz is the first architect in the U.S to pull a permit for building the first permanent structure completely out of shipping pallets. Check out his website and fantastic projects here:

Studio Visits at Town Pavilion and an Update from Molly Kaderka’s Studio

Last Monday, Warren Rosser, Professor and Chair of the painting department at the Kansas City Art Institute, met with residents Luke Firle, Dennis Helsel, and Molly Kaderka at Town Pavilion.

Warren Rosser and Luke Firle in Luke’s Town Pavilion studio.
This information was shared by Molly Kaderka, who has been busy creating two massive paintings in her studio that incorporate multiple self portraits.

New works by Molly Kaderka, both are yet to be titled.

Hope to hear about more studio visitors in the future!

Winning Studio!

Urban Culture Project’s first biennial open studios was a huge success in December! Hope to see everyone again in May. Here are images from the  pARTnership studios during the opening reception.

Visitors were encouraged to vote for the best studio space and best individual studio, also new to the program.

Congratulations to Kate Clements for winning the top prize!


She sure did deserve it for her adorable retail shop and impeccable exhibition display. What I wonder is, how did Town Pavilion spend their winnings?

City Center, if you have shots from the weekend please post!

Nothing Fancy

Hello world, Andrew Erdrich here. At the upcoming biannual open studio days, for the 2011 Charlotte Street Foundation Urban Culture Project Residents, I will be showcasing some new drawings of food, some nifty fridge magnets, and pushing BREAD! KC propaganda as well as some Sneaky Creeps sneak peaks of new music and videos. My studio is located in the City Center Square with lots of other great artists who would love to see you as well. So stop on by, grab a beer, borrow a book, buy something, and admire the lovely decor!

Studio Visitors: Paul Tyler and the Arts KC Trustees

The pARTnership place is also home to the offices of Arts KC, the Metropolitan Arts Council of Kansas City, who supports the Charlotte Street Foundation, and other organizations dedicated to the arts in Kansas City. Arts KC Grants Director, Paul Tyler, recently visited the pARTnership studios while touring the facilities with their trustees, and President Jacqueline Chanda, who is new to the Kansas City Art Institute and the city.
Paul explained to the group that Urban Culture Project’s big contribution to artists is giving them space, a space to make work, show and grow.
It’s so nice to have a space I can call my own.