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Studio Visit Thank You Shout Out!

The UCP residents would like to thank Plug Projects and sculptor, Bobby Zokaites, for visiting our studios this fall!

Plug Projects was invited to curate the first group exhibition in a series of resident focused programing at the Paragraph Gallery. Plug stopped by for a whirlwind tour of all the UCP studios in preparation for the show. The curating team was inspired by the amount of experimentation happening in the studios for the exhibition’s theme. Observation/Hypothesis/Experiment opens tomorrow night from 6-9pm and runs through February 1. Read the full press release here.

Bobby Zokaites was in Kansas City in mid-November for Art Sounds, a collaboration between CSF, UMKC,  and the Kansas City Art Institute. Bobby currently works at the gallery and exhibition space at Arizona State University, where his is pursuing his masters. The studio residents he visited with appreciated an outsider’s perspective on their projects and his insight into public art.