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WALKABOUT Opens June 14th at Paragraph Gallery

Charlotte Street is pleased to present WALKABOUT, part of the Charlotte Street Studio Residency Program ¶ Series.


Maegan Stracy, Tile Bundles, 2013

WALKABOUT implies a journey, not always a destination. It is a rite of passage, a point of confusion, and an adventure. It is a way to trace the past through the present, an action of wandering and contemplation; a routine that comes from curiosity spilled from observation. WALKABOUT is about losing a previous structure in order to create your own.  The means in which you do so is indescribable.

“You can’t quite touch it so you have to go find it because you just know it’s there…Or maybe it just feels good to go walking around.”



Opening Reception: Friday, June 14, 6:00-9:00 pm

Exhibition Runs: June 14th-July 5th

Location: Paragraph Gallery and Project Space / 23 East 12th Street KCMO 64105

Gallery Hours: Wed, Fri, Sat 12-5pm; Thurs 11-6pm

WALKABOUT will feature new work by current Charlotte Street Residents: Chris Daharsh, Madeline Gallucci, Ben Harle, Will Preman and Maegan Stracy.

WALKABOUT is a mutual exploration on the part of maker and the viewer. The artist neglects a prescribed path to create their own direction through manipulated space, constructed images, and material exploration.  The artists extend beyond formative impulses to create new worlds for the viewer to experience their own WALKABOUT.


Madeline Gallucci, Dust Pile, 2013


All five artists in WALKABOUT are recent graduates from the Kansas City Art Institute, class of 2012, and current residents at the Charlotte Street Foundation’s Urban Culture Project Studio Residency.  The artists come from different backgrounds, but are temporarily working together at this time and place.  Each artist has maintained a steady and unique momentum, exhibiting work and remaining highly active within and outside of the Kansas City arts community.  By leaving the safe ground of accepted conventions each artist has been able to explore their own path and establish their own identity.



The Charlotte Street Studio Residency Program ¶ Series is a new effort to expand opportunities for- and public engagement with the work of- Charlotte Street’s Studio Residents. From December 2012 through mid-2013, Paragraph Gallery is dedicated to exhibitions, performances, and projects produced by and featuring the work of its 2012-13 Studio Residency artists.

Hard at work!



This past Thursday I ventured over to pARTnership Place to hang with fellow residents Will Preman and Chris Daharsh and to discuss plans for our show in June at Paragraph. Maegan Stracy is also part of this show, but she is currently abroad in Finland for a month long residency. Missin’ you Maegan!

Below are some pictures from the visit, as well as some recent studio shots of my own. Sneak a peak! 

ImageCollaborations with Will !


ImageWill used his pen plotter to make lines over some of my digital prints. Pretty cool I’d say.

ImageSome structural paper pieces made by Will.


ImageSome cool stuff happening over in Chris’s studio. 

ImageImageOne of my favorite pieces in Chris’s studio: concrete rope.

ImageSome in progress shots in my studio- – –  ! 

ImageThese little guys will mostly likely  become the base for collages!


That’s it for now! Here’s to warm weather! 

For more about our work please visit:




-Madeline G. 

Madeline Gallucci and Will Preman Open Studios Collaboration

Madeline Gallucci

Madeline Gallucci
Collaboration has always been an important aspect to my artistic practice. I have been involved in different projects with other artists, as well as working with the KC-based performance group Whoop Dee Doo. Whoop Dee Doo taught me the importance of letting go within my work- to allow chance and trust with another person.  This lead to an important development within my individual studio practice. Often times a drawing will never reach a final “finished” state. I am more interested in how the drawing begins to evolve as it becomes layered with other materials.

Pile for Collaboration

As a printmaking major during my time at KCAI, I recognized the energy that flowed between artists working so closely together. The nature of a print shop requires technical/mechanical assistance, a natural collaboration between students, that requires careful listening and timely response. Though I strayed from print-based work, I was still intrigued by a collaborative environment that I naturally carried into my residency with Charlotte Street Foundation.

Madeline Gallucci2

After much admiration for each other’s work, Will Preman and I began a small collaboration. It began as a discussion of ideas, objects and artists that interested us, but soon grew into an exchange of drawings. We began to repurpose old works, and layer our scrap pieces to create new imagery. With no real end product in sight, I am most excited about the energy exchanged in the process of making, the new perspective we each bring to old works, as well as creating imagery specifically for the other person.

Pen Plotter


Will Preman

Will Preman

Since being a Charlotte Street Foundation’s Urban Culture Project resident, I have focused my artistic practice around experimentation and developing my art in a new direction from undergraduate study.  I am currently making two-dimensional drawings that use a machine called a pen plotter that converts drawings made on the computer to paper.  This conversion isn’t always perfect, pens and markers occasionally bleed, leak, or skip over certain areas.  I find myself drawn to both the careful precision and the occasional slipups of the machine as well as my hand.

Will Mad Collaboration3

Working around and with artists I respect has always served as constant motivation for my own studio practice.  Madeline Gallucci and I have known each other for a number of years, but have never had the opportunity to work together.  Madeline and I share many similar sensibilities regarding subject matter, layering of content, and process.  These similarities allow for a certain trust to happen between us. There is no fear of ruining the other’s artwork, which gives each other a lot of freedom.  Our goal for this collaboration is not strict.  We hope to open up new ideas and unexpected directions for our individual work and work make together.

Will Mad Collaboration1

See both Will Preman and Madeline Gallucci’s individual and collaborative works at Open Studios Weekend on March 8th and 9th! Madeline’s studio is located in Town Pavilion while Will’s studio is located at pARTnership Place.

Announcing 2012-2013 Charlotte Street Urban Culture Project Studio Residents

Charlotte Street is pleased to announce the 2012-2013 Urban Culture Project Studio Residents!

21 visual artists and 8 performing artists/ensembles have been awarded year-long studio residencies through Charlotte Street’s Urban Culture Project Studio Residency Program.  With terms beginning in late September, the fall 2012-13 studio residents are:

Visual artists: Elizabeth Allen-CannonJacob Banholzer,  Emily ConnellChristopher DeharshLindsay DeifikEric DobbinsLuke FirleAmy FredmanMadeline GallucciRachel GregorBen Harle, Rachel Helm, Robert HowsareMolly KaderkaCalder KaminSkye LivingstonRodolfo Marron, Katy McRoberts, Will PremanMaegan Stracy, and Jennifer Williams.

Performing artists:  Miles BonnyGamelan Genta KasturiLisa CordesTom Kessler, Juliette Everhart and collaborators (LSR and Big in Japan)Black House CollectiveMarisa MacKay-SmithKacico Dance, and Erin Muenks.

The incoming residents were selected by a panel comprised of:  Jill Downen, artist, incoming Assistant Professor of Sculpture, Kansas City Art Institute;  Ricky Allman, artist, Assistant Professor of Painting, UMKC; Jessica Manco, artist, Educational Arts and Gallery Curator, Mattie Rhodes Art Center and Gallery; Shawn Hansen, composer and musician;  Jamilee Polson Lacy, Charlotte Street 2012-13 Curator-in-Residence.

Watch for more studio residency news in the months ahead, including information about Open Studios and other studio-related programs and events!