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wizard luncheon: my name iz aaron storck

DSC01474Hi Yo.  
Aaron Storck here from Partnership Place.
This is a pic of me relaxin’ at perry lake in late July ’09.. oooh yeeah such a sweet summer gone.
But this summer I was stressin’ more than I was relaxin’!   See.. I received an invitation from Shawn Bitters of KU Printmaking to do a solo show at the University of Kansas Art and Design Gallery in late May, with the opening set for sept.  Pressure was on.  It’s a big, beautiful space, vast ceilings, natural light, just lovely..  I really had to bust my hump to get it ready see what I’m saying?  But that’s what it’s all about.  Not enough sleep is fun. 
I just got it up and it looks good.  I think.  It’s got videos, it’s got installation, has big paintings, a nasty fountain with splashing water trickling down over actual trash! actually stinks!  like a river or nasty pond!   Plus it’s got a nice essay to accompany the xrazy concepts in the show by this person under pen-name Alaska Noyes. 
Next Thursday, October the 8th, I’m going to do an artist talk and Q&A in the space at 4 pm.  There’s really all kinds of deep concepts and far-reaching ramifications to this work I’ve been doing for real.  I know it sounds far fetched, but this stuff is meaty- dense- cuts to the bone- etc.  There’s a of neat concepts to argue and discuss.   Alaska Noyes will be there as well to help lite it up.  Please join us cuz it’s not just about me and my art, but about all of us.. we have to challenge eachother in order to be GOOD.  yeeaah.  It’s what it’s all about- art is argumentation, criticality, the pushing of ideas.. hard gawd-dam WERK you know it’s true.  Together we might kick ass.
send me an email if you’re interested in coming up and need directions to the space etc.
[new wizard concepts in-smenge/ningxt (bull-itsh)]
On a lighter note, Sammy has got the right idea with this blog!  Just a free-form blog/resource for the UCP residents.  Wizard hat off to Samantha P. for hooking this up.  So yeah, we can put stuff up.  that’s good.
yeeahh send you off this post with this sweet crazy woman from her early days, she been on my mind.  She make me crazy.  her dance style in this vid is brilliant, hott, and lazy.


Sammy Hey, I’m Sammy. I am a resident at the Partnership Place. I am a interdisciplinary artist. I work in many mediums to create installations/environments. I graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a Double Major in Sculpture and Art History. I am not very good at introductions, sorry. But I hope you come to our open Studios on the third firday of every month.

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